Dr. Griva Shah

Managing Trustee - PSNF

Doctorate Inclusive Education
Master Education (Sp.Ed- London)
Technical Advisor - ASI
Visiting Faculty- RBTI
Volunteer - Wingman - Makeadiff
1.) National Jio Dilse Award For PSNF Outstanding  Work Powered By Dhainik Bhaskhar at        Jaipur(Rajashtan) -(2012)
2.) Best Special Educator's Award (2014 - 15) Powered        By Open Page - Ahmedabad(Gujarat)
3.) Shreshtha Shikshak Award (2015 - 16) Sponsored   By Shri Ramanbhai Patel - AMA (Ahmedabad      Management Association) Centre for excellence In        Education

I envisage a society in which Children with Learning Difficulty, Autism, ADHD, SEBD, Mentally/Physically Challenged are the part of the Gujarat mainstream schools/colleges. Through our foundation, we strive to achieve our vision of an ‘Inclusive Education System’, wherein equal opportunity is provided to all. We attempt to train and groom the young differently able individuals for employment and to lead a happy and well balanced life.

Bijal Fadia

Trustee - PSNF
MBA Marketing- (London)
NIOS- OBE Coordinator
National Jio Dilse Award For PSNF Outstanding Work Powered By Dhainik Bhaskhar Jaipur(Rajashtan) - (2012)

At Pearl we provide opportunity for the holistic development of the young individuals. Apart from holding the position of the project developer, I am a choreographer. I use dance as a therapy with challenged individuals which provides very rewarding outputs. Joining hands with Pearl Foundation provides a platform to add something meaningful to the lives of the underachieving pupils. Pearl’s motto and vision have a special place in my heart. The eagerness and desire to support Pearl is manifold and its manifestation will bring a radical change in the contemporary system making it not only open but supporting the challenged population.

Sonia Parikh

Trustee- PSNF
Director of Sonia’s Confidence English Academy
Director of Trinity Edutech Pvt. Ltd
Certified Cambridge English Presenter-
Conducts Cambridge English Courses
National Jio Dilse Award For PSNF Outstanding Work Powered By Dhainik Bhaskhar Jaipur(Rajashtan) - (2012)

Managing Director:- (Sonia Parikh’s Confidence English Academy) Director:- (Trinity Edutech Pvt. Ltd). Member:- Youth Wing GCCI Gujarat - Women& Wing GCCI Gujarat Examination Director:- (Indian Institute of Fitness and Sports Management- IIFSM)

Being a teacher and a trainer with various institutions, I feel great proud in my association with Pearl Special Needs Foundation. It provides an extended platform to meet my personal vision of guiding the dynamic youth of our city. Through Pearl we support the students in orienting their distorted emotions, motivating them and remoulding them from the state of despair. This work gives an immense sense of self-satisfaction .

  • National Jio Dilse Award
  • Best Special Educator's Award
  • Shreshtha Shikshak Award