Children with Special Need

In the modern dynamic age of technology, when we see the current system of education is going through a metamorphosis, does this mean that the change will embrace all children and educate them under one roof?

  • Will all children study under one roof?
  • Will the school cater to the diverse needs of the differently able children?

Pearl Foundation strives and endeavors to fulfill the unmet dreams of those families which sulk in silence and are baffled thinking about the future of their differently able loved ones. The initiative attempts to give the special needs people the opportunity to be educated in mainstream/general schools, gain a place in the community and to have confidence weaved with self-esteem to walk independently in the society. As much as this organization contributes in the learning of a differently able individual, it also aims to provide dedicated support and facilities to the family, siblings and all the other involved services sectors. We focus on parent/teacher training and teaching techniques and methodologies, program planning and curriculum outline for these children. We try to educate parents, education institute and society in dealing with children with special needs.

Know how’s of Special Education

Special Education is a branch of education, which studies about individuals who have problems or special talents in thinking, seeing, hearing, speaking and socializing. In other words, it is the study of individuals who are different from average persons. These individuals are generally called special children or exceptional children.Special Education provides education to students who have not benefitted – or sometimes will not benefit-fully from the regular classroom experience. It may also include school-based and home-based programs for children according to their special needs. It main aim is to enable special children to become independent to the maximum extent possible. We at Pearl provide:

  • For the unique needs of each child.
  • For individual attention to each child.
  • To develop basic living skills for personal independence.
  • A variety of experiences to the child according to his/her age and IQ level.
  • A structured learning program for each individual child.
  • To develop the child socially, emotionally and intellectually.
  • Facilities to identify problems in children and suggest solutions to manage them.
  • Guidance to parents and caregivers in nurturing their child competitively and appropriately.

The teaching, training and guidance at Pearl are conducted by specially trained teachers certified in special education.

Who can be served at Pearl?

Pearl caters to the needs of the vast range of disability. Individuals with  Intellectually Challenged, Learning Disability, Social and Emotional Disorder, Slow learners, Down Syndrome,Behavior Disorder- ADD, ADHD, Autism and its spectrum, Communication Disorder, Hearing Impairment and Physical Impairment are served at our institute. Let us have a brief understanding on children with ‘Intellectually Challenged.’
> Definition:- Intellectually Challenged refers to substantial limitation in present functioning. It is characterized by significantly sub-average intellectual functioning, existing concurrently and with related limitations in two or more of the following applicable adaptive area: communication, self-care, home living, social skill, community use, self direction, health and safety, functional academics, leisure and work. Intellectually Challenged manifests before the age of 18. [Smith 1971]

General Characteristics of Intellectually Challenged

The general characteristics of Intellectually Challenged are:

  • IQ level is below normal, i.e. less than 90.
  • Delayed Development in all developmental milestones.
  • Very poor language development, restricted to expression of wants/needs.
  • Short attention span-tends to get distracted very fast-poor concentration.
  • Poor motor integration- clumsy and uncoordinated motor skills and therefore has problems in developing an adaptive skills.
  • Limited social skills- unable/delay gratification.Difficulties experienced in thinking, generalizations or imagination affects their conceptual learning, concept formation.
  • General scholastic difficulties due to poor rate of learning, poor grasp of the matter taught, slow reactions to environmental demand and poor problem solving skills.
  • Some types of Intellectually Challenged exhibit physical features such as small head, very large head, fissured tongue, tiny slating eyes.

Certain behavioral sings give an indication of the presence Of Intellectually Challenged:

  • Slow in understanding things.
  • Longer time to respond to what others say and to what happens around him/her.
  • Cannot express needs or feeling clearly [due to poor language ability or speech difficulties].
  • Behave like someone younger than self [not age appropriate behavior.
  • Doesn’t have same abilities as others of the same age group.
  • Unable to pay attention for one stimuli of activity for a long time or desired period of time.
  • May remember only for a short while what he has been told or what has happened in the past, or may not remember things at all.
  • May have difficulty in controlling feelings, in making decisions, and may not know what to do.

In spite of the stated incompetency children with Intellectually Challenged can achieve their own potential with proper training and support. It requires intensive training and consistent efforts. Competent and capable staff of Pearl can support you making your child with special needs reach his/her potentials.